Today we are offering the following methods:

The first testing

(or for visitors who did not specify a contact e-mail during previous tests)

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Age (years) : under 20   21-25   26-30   31-40   41-50   51-55   56-60   over 60

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Work experience:

general: up to 1 year   1-5 years   6-10 years  10-20 years   more 20 years

professional : up to 1 year  1-5 years   6-10 years   10-20 years   more 20 years

at the last position : up to 1 year    1-5 years   6-10 years   more 10 years

Do you have subordinates: yes    no

Do you have to contact other people at work: occasionally    sometimes    often    constantly

Your place of residence : Country City / region

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Further testing

(for visitors who were tested previously and indicated their contact e-mail)

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